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Confidence in Chandler and East Valley real estate market is reaching record levels as more homes are being sold and the activity is increasing. This is great news for home sellers in the area and home buyers have more opportunities to find their dream home. Chandler, Arizona and East Valley economy is rock solid and the diverse business community means employment levels remain solid.

Cathy Carter, REALTOR® | Re/Max Infinity

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Beautiful Chandler, AZ. area with its major corporate employers means this a relocation hotspot in the southwestern United States. The proximity of Chandler, Arizona and the East Valley to the larger urban and commercial core of Arizona attracts home buyers from across the nation. Our real estate market remains one of the strongest in the country. Having a competent REALTOR® representing you will make all the difference.

Market Knowledge

Cathy Carter has spent many years in Chandler, Arizona and East Valley and as a successful REALTOR®; she understands that her clients require real estate market information that is timely, precise and combined with experience. Cathy has access to a database of listings to meet any client request. Real estate market knowledge is more than knowing the value of your home; it is also understanding community trends, developments in business and local economy and societal circumstances that affect regional market values. When your REALTOR® is aware of these market factors, a truly skilled professional will be representing you – Cathy Carter is that expert real estate specialist.

Recognizing Client Needs

Every client buying or selling a home is unique with distinct circumstances driving their needs. Cathy Carter is empathetic to her clients requirements, always making certain those needs are identified and satisfied. She listens to your wishes and needs then does her utmost to make them a reality. Cathy will be forthright with clients; she recognizes that working in their best interests means being straightforward while pointing out options that meet not only their requirements but also their budget. An important part of being a skilled real estate professional is valuing your reputation. Treating all her clients as if they were her own family solidifies Cathy’s reputation as a true professional.

Buying or Selling Your Home

Cathy has wide-ranging experience working with buyers and sellers of all homes styles in Chandler, Arizona and East Valley Real estate market. Buyers will welcome her ability to locate home options quickly and her expertise at negotiating the best terms and price possible. Home sellers represented by Cathy will be thrilled with her personalized marketing strategy to sell their home. She utilizes state of the art tools to find you the absolute best price for your home with the least amount of lifestyle disruption. Call Cathy Carter Today For An Exceptional Real Estate Experience!

Cathy Carter, REALTOR®, ABR, CRS, CDPE | Re/Max Infinity

Email or Call: 480‑459‑8488


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